2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Paris Motor Show

Katie CassidyOctober 3, 20163min229

Alfa’s following all-new version, following the arrival of the mid-size SUV early following year, is expected to be a full-size SUV, potentially sharing technology with sis brand name Maserati’s Levante.

New Alfa and also Maserati CEO Reid Bigland hinted that it’ll be a large SUV next for Alfa, rather than a more extreme sports car or deluxe design, telling Auto Express: “When you look at SUVs, the whole world seems to be gravitating towards them.

” A couple of years ago the idea of an Alfa or Maserati SUV was a little sacrilegious, however you have to go where the customer choice is going.”

” It might be a bigger SUV or a bigger halo type stylish coupe like a 6C, however you need to keep an eye on where the market as well as consumer choice is going which’s all SUVs.”

The added earnings offered to auto firms as well as stores from SUVs, is also aiming Bigland in the direction of another SUV. “Segment dimension and also section profitability as well as two different things,” he claimed. “When you consider motivation activity in small and executive automobiles, it’s definitely ruthless. After that when you consider the discount rate of anything called an SUV as well as it’s a portion of that in automobiles.”
Bigland also guaranteed that any type of new Alfa, including SUVs, would be core to the brand name’s main characteristics of “incredible technology, worthless performance and lovely Italian design.”

” People are going to get blown away by the driving characteristics of the mid-size SUV,” he told us.

Nevertheless, there are no plans to earn the larger SUV available with seven seats. As Bigland clarified: “Alfa needs to remain regular with its performance sights. When you enter into vehicles that huge [with seven seats] it’s tough to take them around the Nurburgring.”

” For the Maserati brand as well as for Alfa, too, getting involved in 7 seats appears pretty remote.”